Cell Phone Tablet PC and laptop Repair

Over the years we have repaired and upgraded 100'sof laptop and desktop models from all types of manufacturers. Whether your system is running slowly, getting virus warnings or pop-ups, has damage from a drop or spill, in need of an upgrade, something is not working right or it’s not powering on at all, we can help get it back running better than ever.

We also provide a true evaluation of your system to help you decide if it’s best to invest in repair or can help backup data and migrate to a new system.

Memory and storage can be upgraded, including solid state drive installation to greatly boost performance. Have a broken display or cracked glass, liquid spill, sluggish performance, no power, bad keyboard, bad trackpad, or other issue? We can provide a full evaluation and determine the best options for your system and get it working great again.

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iMac Repair
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MacBook Repair

PC and Laptop Services

Virus Removal / Popups
Liquid Spills
Overheating / Powers Off
Fresh Windows Reload
Slow / Sluggish Performance
No Internet
No Power
Won’t Boot
Won’t Charge
Keys Not Responding
Touchpad / Mouse Not Tracking
Parts loose / Broken Plastics
Upgrade Options
RAM Upgrades
Hard Drive Upgrades
Solid State Upgrades

Mac PC and Laptop Repair

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